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Nibiru Planet X 2017 – David Meade’s Prophecy Debunked


If you think 2016 was a year for doom, hold onto your knickers, because 2017 is already shaping up to be a doomtards paradise.  2017 could bring the apocalypse as Planet X is set to arrive and for all those ‘die hard’ nibirutards, nibiru is trending as as top baby name for 2017.

Recently reported in British Tabloid gutter press The Daily Mail (FAIL) and The Sun 😩, (both linked a dodgy lens flare video from the serial doomsayer Nibiru Planet X You Tube Channel who daily uploads lens artefacts and flares in an  attempt to pass them off as an incoming System connected with Nibiru / Planet X) were the sensational headlines that Planet X will arrive in 2017.   The  story is now mainstream and on alternative media.

Meade believes that the Star is set to collide with Earth in 2017

Forensic Investigator Meade claims that the Stars gravitational pull will cause widespread destruction that will ultimately lead to the end of humanity.  Meade whoms book ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival’ believes that Planet X will bring with it seven orbiting bodies including Nibiru, a large blue planet.  Meade believes that humanity is being kept in the dark to avoid mass panic.  Furthermore, Meade goes on to say that the increase in Earthquakes and the extreme weather that Earth is experiencing is proof that the gravitational pull of the star  is already affecting Earth. Meade indicates that the rogue planet is extremely difficult to spot due to the angle of approach. Writing a piece for Planet X News.

Mr. Meade said:

“This system is, of course, not aligned with our solar system’s ecliptic, but is coming to us from an oblique angle and toward our South Pole”.  

This is not earth shattering news.   The Planet X / Nibiru community and their puppet masters (aka Masters, Leider) have been banging on about this for years, setting new doom dates. , Interestingly, June 20, Meades book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, will  be available as an audio book on Audible, Amazon and iTunes; July 11th, the book will also be available in print. (listed in the UK, US, Australia and Canada and will be available online and through major bookstores).   Sounds LIKE a money making scheme.  

Meade states on his website …

“Several well-meaning British tabloids in early 2017 picked up my story and my book, and reported that October of 2017 would be the “end.” Well, it’s not the end. But it is a major cataclysm. It is Biblical”. 

The purpose of this blog is to investigate this claim. Hard to believe, but the Planet-X’ers are still out there making more bogus predictions. David Meade suggests that Planet X will crash into the earth in October, destroying her. How is it that real astronomers don’t see this happening? Good question. Meade has the answer:

“Planet X can only be detected by “specialized, large telescopes—controlled by the globalists.”

Early in February 2016 Meade was featured on You Tube Channel, The Leak Project discussing specifically the claim that Nibiru would pass Earth before November 2017.   During this interview, the host specifically asked Meade for evidence of The two suns in our Solar System and Meade stated that the best evidence of such was on a You Tube Video 😩.   Having analysed the very video, “Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia 2of2 Feb 4 2015“, it is plainly a reflection caused by recording through double glazed windows.

Screenshots from You Tube Video Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax, Nova Scotia

How do we know?

During sunset on 4th January 2017 approximately 4.15pm looking south-west in the UK, the blogger emanated this effect through double glazing windows.

As you can see if you examine both videos, the effect is seriously the same.

Furthermore, according to Meade on 23rd September 2017, the moon will appear under the feet of the Constellation Virgo. The Sun will appear to precisely clothe Virgo. This occurrence in  2017 constitutes a ‘birthing’.   Meade states, that this is when planets traverse within the legs of Virgo. Remember, he has categorically stated that Jupiter is birthed on 9th September, 2017 and believes is connected with Revelations 12.

King James Version (KJV)

Now a great sign appeared in heaven:
a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet,
and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth.

So is it a sign?

Let’s just break this down.  You can independently check  all this information out for yourself.

Stellarium Image 23rd September 2017

The date that is given for Jupiter’s / Planet X birth (9/9/17) the moon is situated in the constellation Cetus.  This does not fulfil prophecy.


Moon is situated in the Constellation of Cetus when Jupiter is “Birthed” on 9/9/17

Meade expresses that this ‘biblical sign’ has never happened before and will not occur again in the future.    Dave Greg, of the You Tube Channel Dazzathecameraman has investigated this claim.

23rd September 2017  Image: D Gregg
5th October 2005 Image: D Greg
3rd October 2029 Image: D Greg

From this investigation alone, you can clearly see that this is NO REVELATION.   In fact, Jupiter is not birthed at all.  This is not a unique phenomenon.

The sign of Revelation 12 has many details that are common, but uncommon when all put together. The first part of the sign is the woman clothed with the sun. This happens every year, but it narrows the time down to one month around the autumnal equinox. That woman is represented by Virgo–the virgin. She is clothed by the sun from mid-September to early October. September 23, 2017 meets these requirements.    The next requirement is that the moon must be under the feet of Virgo. With the sun in Virgo and her feet to the east, the moon must be a few days past new moon. Since the Hebrew Calendar is lunar and the Feast of Trumpets (September 21, 2017) is on the new moon, September 23-25 places the moon in the correct position. This happens every year on the Hebrew Calendar as long as the new moon did not occur too early or too late in relation to the equinox, which would put the sun too high or low in Virgo. Here it is perfect. The requirement of the moon and sun narrows it down to a few days of the year. The rest of the parts of the sign must then coincide with this time if we are able to observe this sign. On September 23, 2017 there are four planets in the vicinity that complete the sign and its ultimate uniqueness. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter play their parts. Above the head of Virgo is the constellation Leo. In Leo at this time there will be Mars, Venus, and Mercury. With Leo being a constellation of nine principle stars, the three wandering stars make it twelve at this time. Thus the garland of twelve stars is upon the woman.

Jupiter is Planet X

Another preposterous claim Meade would have you believe is that Jupiter is Planet X.  This statement alone contradicts everything else he has said.  I can tell you unequivocally, that the term Nibiru has nothing to do with a celestial object beyond Pluto (or beyond Saturn for that matter). No cuneiform astronomical texts ever use the term nibiru/neberu to describe anything of the sort. (In fact, one of them has Nibiru showing up every year).   Nibiru nonsense isn’t biblical. It isn’t Wormwood. Nor does Wormwood have anything to do with a planet beyond Pluto / Planet X. (Heiser, M, 2017)

Meade then goes onto say …

“The next event that follows is that Planet X will fully eclipse the Sun and cover the whole earth and full moon in shadow on the next full moon date. This is Thursday, October 5, 2017 (the following full moon date)”.

There are only four eclipses scheduled for 2017.

  • 11th February – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
  • 26th February – Annular Solar Eclipse
  • 7th August – Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • 21st August – Total Solar Eclipse

This is absolute poppycock.   Meade suggests that October could be THE first month that we can see the impending doom!  Prophecy states the time frame would be after 23rd September and before 11th October.  The  sign in Virgo (the woman) will no longer be pregnant and therefore The Red Dragon /  Planet X must make an appearance.  Jupiter, the planet of the Messiah exits Virgo on 11th October having spent about 42 weeks in the “womb” region of that area.  This is not a unique event.

So, can you see my scepticism?  the information given by Meade has several holes in it, these two statements are what were quoted in the gutter press and I have yet to read his book which will cost £9.99.  Moreover, it has come to my attention that a set of co-ordinates Meade gave in the February 2016 interview to  The Leak Project.   13h 50m 44s – 8 13m 59.75 for Planet X (although he is now stating that Planet X will be birthed, go figure!) was in fact for an image of Saturn.    Iras image of Saturn.

Image of Saturn taken 2 times obviously time had passed so the orbit had changed. They combined the shots so you end up with that. At the time, the co-ordinates were correct for Saturn. Meads joined the dots in a way that suited his narrative and ignored the reality.

Meades website states “But let’s look at the astronomical evidence. I have seen Planet X on the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) through WorldWide Telescope. This is a NASA infrared-wavelength astronomical space telescope, launched in December 2009. It is currently in the constellation Pisces, and is clearly marked as an Unidentified Object (but quite plainly visible dark red star) known as IC 5385. 

Again, another inconsistency.

Recently, NASA and the European Space Agency announced that a new system has been sighted, Trappist-1, so we are finding more exo-planets within the galaxy.   So over the years there has been quite a few reports of a planet like Planet X / Nibiru existing somewhere out there. Perhaps the most famous reports originated in 2016 when two Caltech experts said they’d found evidence of such a planet beyond the orbit of dwarf planet Pluto.  The Nibiru Cataclysm story has been reported for years.   ‘Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax,’ NASA has said previously. ‘Obviously, it does not exist.’ Nibiru was widely predicted to hit our planet in December 2015, and before that in September, and it was also predicted to smash into our planet – coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. However, even before all of those predictions, it was said that Nibiru would cause the world to end in 2003.

So in conclusion, yes, from the evidence that has been presented by David Meade, this indeed, In my humble opinion another ‘doom date’ another ‘book deal’, another ‘fear date for profit’.  If you think I am wrong, please comment, please present solid evidence.


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