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The Anunnaki Of Nibiru w/ Michael Feeley

On this episode we are joined by author and researcher, Michael Feeley ,author of The Anunnaki Of Nibiru And The Snakemen Of Eridu: Are They Real?, to discuss Nibiru and a grand unified vision of it's place in our human history.

Queen Mary: Voices from Her Voyages w/ Nicole Strickland

Join us as we discuss the history of The Queen Mary with author and paranormal researcher, Nicole Strickland.

Mothman Dynasty: Chicago’s Winged Humanoids w/ Lon Strickler

On the next Radio Wasteland we dig into Kara's favorite cryptid with Lon Strickler as we discuss his new book, Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids.

Haunted UK with guest Ryan Griffiths

Join us on the next Radio Wasteland as we welcome paranormal researcher and psychic medium, Ryan Griffiths. Ryan is here to fill us in on the haunted United Kingdom and just a few of his many adventures through paranormal Brittian and Northern Ireland.

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Witches, Paganism & Stirring The Cauldron w/ Marla Brooks

About Marla and Stirring the Cauldron Podcast Our guest Marla Brooks is an author, radio show host, and practicing witch. She didn't just decide one day that she wanted to be a witch, it's just part of who she is. Her great-grandmother was a witch and these things...

Supposed True Stories in Film w/ Tyler Zdenek

On this episode of Radio Wasteland, we welcome the host of Terra Monstrum, Tyler Zdenek to discuss the facts and fallacies of supposed true stories in horror films. We'll be discussing the long-debated story and film Winchester as well as the new Spanish exorcism...

Haunted Okinawa w/ Jake Hinton

Jake Hinton Welcome to Haunted Okinawa. This Monday we’ll be talking with Jake Hinton, Marine stationed at Okinawa for 7 years, about why this south Japanese island is one of the most haunted places in the military. Here’s a hint: It involves ghosts, graves, and...

Geoengineering and Chemtrails w/ Matt Landman

On this episode, we welcome guest, Matt Landman to discuss Geoengineering, chemtrails and the HAARP program. Is our environment being altered by the government? Find out with us on Radio Wasteland.

JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot w/ Author Paul Blake Smith

Author Paul Blake Smith returns to our program to discuss his new book "JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot". The book is a fascinating new take on the murder of US President John F. Kennedy and lays a valid argument for who was really responsible for the assignation.

Mentoring Kids With Abilities w/ Christina George

About Christina George Christina George is a Practicing Psychic and Paranormal Investigator that Researches everything Paranormal including UFOs, Abductees, Star Children, Bigfoot, Chupacabras and Cryptozoology just to name a few. Christina is the founder of P.P.R.S....


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