Are Ghosts Conscious or an Echo of a Residual Haunting: Stone Tape Theory

In traditional belief, a ghost is the soul of a dead person or animal that appears, in visible form or other manifestations to living humans and animals. But, there is also the thought that maybe “ghost” are simply tape recordings, and that mental impressions during emotional or traumatic events are being projected energetically to living humans (animals), this is called the Stone Tape theory. What does paranormal expert Tim Woolworth have to say on this topic? Listen to this show and find out!

Radio Wasteland: Younger, I saw a movie I’m a horror movie fanatic, a movie called The Stone Tape, which was a television play from England where basically something tragic had happened in a castle. And the experience was kind of carved into the rock so that when the wind blew and we could hear it and it kind of happened around us, you know. But you pretty convinced that this is something conscious, not just a residual energy effect. Is that right?

Tim Woolworth: Yeah, I’m pretty confident that the whole concept of residual hauntings really needs to be visited in the paranormal field. What we think of with residual hauntings is based on, you know, the stone tape theory, which is classic, where you’ve got an entity that’s walking around that is completely and totally inured to the world around them. You can interact there in the stone tape theory. She would come down the stairs every night at a certain time if I remember correctly. And yeah, and you know, it’s the classic lady in white. You know, you see her on the stairs, can’t talk to her. She doesn’t interact, blah, blah, blah. So what I personally think is that in our paranormal field, we are we love to throw around terms like quantum and all of this stuff without any basic understanding of science. That is just one of the common things that research. Sure. Ghost hunters do all the time and they’re throwing around terms they don’t understand. One of the exact things that we do need to look into, if it is physical, they need to understand just so tangentially residual haunting is that we need to understand that is when something is Einstein and relativity, they shadow are very thin former era.

Some tragedy that happened that’s reclaiming itself. I think residual hauntings are actually those particular moments in time. They where they are, they’re actually living their life and we’re getting a glimpse of it. It’s like a minor tear in the veil, but it’s not to the other world. It’s to a world that’s actually existing at the exact same time. So that woman walking down the stairs is walking down the stairs just like you or I would, and in her own little world. And we’re getting a glimpse of it. We see that all the time. Like when you go to Gettysburg and you get cannon fire or soldiers yelling through or through EVP or ghostboxes, they’re living that life at the moment. And it’s we’re just getting a glimpse of it. I don’t know why we get that particular glimpse, why they’re why that there’s that my new tear that comes through and we can see what’s happening at that moment in time. But I firmly believe that we can. What we’re witnessing is that moment in time we’re witnessing that woman walked out on the stairs and she is just living her life, walking down the stairs and we’re just getting a glimpse of it.

Radio Wasteland: So you don’t think it’s like some sort of like purgatory? He’s stuck on Earth, stuck in their ways sort of thing. It’s more like we’re seeing a distant reflection in an infinity mirror.

You know it as it goes on. Of course, it’s a little bit behind. And when we see it, we may see it as the past. But really, it’s just what happened?

Tim Woolworth: Well, we’re seeing it as the past, but it’s actually the present for that entity that’s in the middle of it.