Radio Wasteland

“Bar none, the best darn talk radio program I have ever heard!” ~ Your Mom


  • Radio Wasteland #203Lap dinosaurs, bacteria visible to the naked-eye, booming sounds, Operation Sea Spray and more!
  • Radio Wasteland #202 Dead Spider Machines, the Loch Ness Monster, whiskey-tango Space Force invasion attempt and more!
  • RADIO WASTELAND #201 Drinkin’ Whiteclaw sux, Ivana Trump Funeral, Kid turns in dad for Jan 6th riot! But wait, there’s more!
  • Radio Wasteland #200
  • Samuel Hofman NIBIRU Updates 2022


  • Unraveling of Madison Cawthorn?
  • UK Church Hauntings: Creepiness
  • What Does the Supreme Court Leaked Opinion Mean?
  • Banter about Politics & Society
  • Nazi’s in 2022? (we want your opinion!)
  • Half of Americans’ IQ scores Shrank Due to Lead Exposure
  • Chauncey wants to sleep with ghosts…
  • What is the Dunning Kruger Effect? |  Kara Kittrick Explains
  • The Theory of Spontaneous Generation
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene Said She Didn’t Know Nick Fuentes (Groypers)
  • Rant: Leaf Blower Destroys Chauncey’s Zen
  • The Chaoskampf Serpent Myth
  • Are We Breeding Hellish Covid Monsters?
  • Shoot-out at the Golden Corral…
  • Tran-humanist, Bio-hackers, and Seismic Sensors in Feet
  • Robotic Hounds on the Border?

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