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The Anunnaki Of Nibiru w/ Michael Feeley

On this episode we are joined by author and researcher, Michael Feeley ,author of The Anunnaki Of Nibiru And The Snakemen Of Eridu: Are They Real?, to discuss Nibiru and a grand unified vision of it's place in our human history.

Queen Mary: Voices from Her Voyages w/ Nicole Strickland

Join us as we discuss the history of The Queen Mary with author and paranormal researcher, Nicole Strickland.

Mothman Dynasty: Chicago’s Winged Humanoids w/ Lon Strickler

On the next Radio Wasteland we dig into Kara's favorite cryptid with Lon Strickler as we discuss his new book, Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids.

Haunted UK with guest Ryan Griffiths

Join us on the next Radio Wasteland as we welcome paranormal researcher and psychic medium, Ryan Griffiths. Ryan is here to fill us in on the haunted United Kingdom and just a few of his many adventures through paranormal Brittian and Northern Ireland.

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Famous UFO Hoaxes w/ William Pullin

Join us as we welcome back our friend William Pullin to discuss famous UFO Hoaxes. Topics include the infamous Alien Autopsy video and the Aztec, New Mexico, UFO incident.

The Archives

Bad Clowns w/ Author Benjamin Radford

On the next episode of Radio Wasteland join Chauncey and Kara as they discuss the history of evil clowns with the author of "Bad Clowns", Benjamin Radford.

Alien Tech: The Bob White Artifact w/ Larry Cekander

The Museum of the Unexplained was formed in October of 2000 by Robert White and Larry Cekander as business partners to study the object recovered by Mr. White during a UFO encounter in Colorado. Mr. Cekander is a published author on the subject of UFO and physical...

Shamanic Qabalah with Daniel Moler, MLA

Writer, artist, and esotericist, Daniel lives and operates within the Kansas City metropolitan area with his wife and kids. Daniel has published fiction and nonfiction works around the world in magazines, journals, gaming modules, and online. He has also authored...

Medical Tyranny with David Stephan

On this episode, we welcome embattled parent and medical activist, David Stephan. Regardless of where you stand with your views on healthcare and medical involvement, this episode should be eye-opening and thought-provoking for all.

BLOOD NOIR A Monthly Audio Drama w/ Mark Slade

What is BLOOD NOIR BLOOD NOIR is a monthly audio drama created by Mark Slade. Fully produced episodes with Actors, Sound Effects and music to give the mind’s eye the look and feel of a film. Each episode deals with paranormal, crime and horror stories. Most content on...


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