Nazis, Trans, Ukraine, Race & MORE

In this full episode of Radio Wasteland, we discuss the prevalence of Nazis vs trans people in the world, the war in Ukraine, and a whole lot more.

Chauncey learns about The Dunning-kruger effect, a phenomenon that applies to pretty much any human activity. It occurs when you get a little bit of knowledge and your confidence goes through the roof and you never get back to that point again.

News: The size of many consumer goods has decreased due to supply chain issues caused by Covid and more recently by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions placed on Russia.

News: A man threatened employees and guests at a casino in Yreka, CA after posting a rambling manifesto about mind control, body snatching, and staged mass shootings by government sleeper agents. He was arrested and is now undergoing behavioral health treatment.

News: A new study suggests that half of Americans alive today may have had their iq lowered due to lead poisoning. People born before the 1996 ban on leaded gasoline may also suffer from faster aging of the brain as they get older.

News: Eight to nine percent of Americans think it is acceptable to be a Nazi or white supremacist. That’s about five and one quarter Nazis for every trans person in the country.

Star Trek episodes feature women wearing halter tops and mini skirts, and the evil women wear high stockings and long boots? The mirror version of me is wearing a pink sweater, scarf, and works at a bank.


If you flip your temperament and your ideology 180 degrees, you get a Bizarro universe?


In hard times, corporations are enjoying record profits. But they are passing the hit on to consumers, and we need a law that tells corporations to take a hit to support their workers and customers.


I vote for a world where we all work together to solve problems, and if somebody gives me slightly racist, sexist, homophobic vibes, I’m not voting for them.


A baby’s brain power drops by 3 points because of lead poisoning, and other things we have done can also cause this to happen. Nobody will care and nobody will do anything about it.