Are Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Becoming more Common?

Chauncey and Terry
Chauncey and Terry learnin’ ’bout hurricanes.

My wife and I are like a lot of Americans. We watch TV and read stuff. A lot of this stuff we read and watch are geared toward climate change.

We’re both believers in climate change and beyond that believe that even if it isn’t true we probably shouldn’t dirty up and abuse what we have.

That being said, we are also like a lot of Americans in that we’re not really sure who to believe? There are so many people talking one way or the other… and frankly, they aren’t scientists or climatologists, so I’m not really sure why I’m even listening.

Like if my kid was sick I sure as hell wouldn’t be taking my issue to some jackass at the bar or even a medical show on TV like The Doctors or Dr. OZ.

My wife, obsessive researcher that she is, had the great idea of just looking it up ourselves. Which we did. So here’s the graph I came up with based of the numbers we found when  asking ourselves, “Are Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Becoming more Common?

[visualizer id=”11646″]