Nomar Slevik – Granite Skies A Disconcerted Journey Through The Unknown

As usual, we cover weird news, and then we are joined by our guest Nomar Slevik where we discuss how he became interested in otherworldly topics and we dig into the story behind his book; Granite Skies: A Disconcerted Journey Through the Unknown.

Nomar Slevik is an independent creator, researcher, and investigator in numerous aspects of the paranormal… We like Nomar!


Granite Skies: A Disconcerted Journey Through the Unknown

Granite Skies is the true story of Mike Stevens On an early summer’s evening in 1983, a four-year-old child was lured away from his home by the sighting of something strange in the sky. A frightened curiosity overtook the child while he stared at a silver craft hovering over a telephone pole. Moments later, he was inside of it. What followed was a lifetime of truly bizarre encounters that traumatized a man to the brink of death.

He is a survivor of trauma that transcends the typical writings of the alien abduction narrative and reveals a life after victimization. From the author of Otherworldly Encounters: Evidence of UFO Sightings and Abductions, Nomar Slevik pieces together a turbulent biography of a man’s fear, torment, acceptance, and eventual hope in a demoralized existence.

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Nomar Slevik delights in sharing stories through different mediums such as books, documentaries and podcasts. He has shared his works with hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts and has maintained a steady output of material for over twenty years. Slevik has been fascinated by all things paranormal since childhood, beginning with a UFO encounter at 4 years old. Now 42, his life’s passion has been to research, investigate, write, and share UFO and extraterrestrial encounters from everyday people in a way that conveys the human element of profoundly strange encounters.