The Weird Things Alexa Does: Jaden Mckell from Straight-Up Enigmas

Alexa is one creepy little Amazon product! Is your home device haunted? Is it a glitch? It often says weird stuff or starts cackling for no reason, so there must be a reason? Right? We talk to Jaden Mckell from the Straight-Up Enigmas podcast, A bi-weekly is a podcast to explore the unexplained. supernatural, true crime, and historical mysteries.

About Straight-Up Enigmas Podcast

On the show, we explore the biggest enigmas—anything mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand—from both the past and the present. We’ll discuss ancient riddles, ghost stories, unsolved murders, cold cases, and modern-day mysteries. Each episode will cover the paranormal, supernatural, tragic, and just plain weird stuff going on around us. Listen in each week as we try our hand at solving some of these straight-up enigmas.

Check out the Straight-Up Enigmas podcast Episode 50: Creepiest Things Alexa Has Said and Done