Where are the most UFO Sightings?

Where are the most UFO Sightings
Where are the most UFO Sightings
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We talked to William Pullin about UFO Hotspots around the world! Here are the highlights of our conversation:

So William, tonight our show is going to be talking about where the most common UFO sightings happen.

Yes. So I guess we should probably hop right into this. You know there’s a couple of ways to address where the most sightings happen. So let’s let’s hit it like where in the world geographically you know what do we think of where we are.

There’s certain hotspots – – South Central Wisconsin, Chicago, South Central Colorado, California . . . South America has been a hotbed of unified activity for decades.

And of course there’s always the wave phenomenon where a geographical area has an influx of sightings for a short amount of time and then it kind of fades away. But there are certain areas of the world where the level of sightings have been constant.

California, South America, and Australia have been active throughout the decades, but of course any numbers we get are skewed because most people don’t report these things.

And in today’s society, everyone is looking down at their phone, so whether whatever is in the sky is extraterrestrial or something else, it’s not being spotted.

These days everyone has a cell phone with a camera everywhere they go. Wouldn’t that increase the number of sightings that get recorded?

Potentially. But these things move quickly. By the time I have my phone out of my pocket, it’s over. And if you think about it, a lot of the places there are sightings, like the American Southwest or South America are places that don’t have a lot of light pollution. These are places without as many cameras also.

Why is South America such a hotbed of sightings?

I’ve always had the idea that maybe in places like South America that maybe UFOs are less taboo to talk about than in the United States. I always go back to the fact that most people don’t record these things. Our numbers may be skewed.

So we’ve talked about where geographically the sightings are happening, but what kind of places are they hitting? There always seems to be a correlation between sightings and nuclear sites, for instance.

The great wave of 1947 was focused on mainly military sites in the American Southwest – White Sands New Mexico, Edwards Air Force Base in California, etc. The sightings seemed especially clustered around bases where secret experiments were taking place. But this could be influenced by sightings of military spy satellites, spy airplanes, and what have you.

Beyond Military Bases and Nuclear Power Facilities, there aren’t really particular hotspots. One thing that is interesting though is that sightings don’t seem to increase when you go into urban areas despite the much greater population density.

This wasn’t on our agenda to talk about, but it seems like there’s been a big boom in sightings of UFOs submerged under water and then breaking the surface, or sightings of UFOs interacting with underwater objects, possibly underwater bases. What do you make of that?

I haven’t heard much about them. I haven’t seen any concrete proof or documentation to support the idea that there’s non-terrestrial bases offshore. I don’t know how one would go about proving that other than taking a fleet of submarines down to check it out. There are reports of submerged objects breaking the surface and then becoming UFOs, mostly from US soldiers.

Some of those are unexplained, but I’m not comfortable making the leap to underwater bases.

Just out of curiosity, what are some of the more credible reports of underwater sightings?

Most of them are kind of vague. Just lights under the ocean or things like that. I like to see things like multiple witnesses, a radar trace, something physical. But with the underwater sightings, it’s usually just unexplained lights. Hard to know what to make of it.

Finally, do you think there’s a decline in UFO sightings?

I’ve heard that from a lot of credible researchers. I haven’t looked into it. I have no idea. There may be.

But I’m cautious about the numbers because again they can always be skewed by who is actually reporting these things.

I’ve been looking at some papers that have made the case that there’s a decline in sightings and they make interesting points. I just wonder if it’s an actual decline in sightings in general or a decline in high-quality sightings.

You’ve been listening to William Pullin on Radio Wasteland. You know William we always love having you on the show. You’re a regular and you’re a regular for a reason because we love your take on things.

It’s been a pleasure. You guys are too kind.

This transcript was abridged and adapted from our full interview with William Pullin on UFO hotspots. To hear the whole thing, click here!