Could Virtual Reality Lead to Mind Control?

Virtual reality technology is quickly advancing, are we getting close to virtual reality actually controlling our thoughts and actions? If you have ever tried a VR game you know that your mind is somewhat tricked into thinking the experience is real. We asked our guest, Myron Curtis, Educator, entrepreneur, mad scientist, founder of Virtual Worlds Grid website to weigh in our question, “could virtual reality lead to mind control?”

Radio Wasteland: You know, it is one of the fears that they can put stuff into your brain that you don’t want, you know, like mind controls, yeah, you will be assimilated.

Myron Curtis: But, you know, not unless we decide that it advance and require it. You know, from an industrial standpoint, the idea of a personal bond that goes out, earns money, then spends it that your company has no choice. Might be kind of appealing.

Radio Wasteland: Well, absolutely. I mean that’s kind of the draw for for let’s say Kara’s generation here in a city might not be apt to buy a car unless they spent the extra money to buy the car and have the car go out, work for them. You know, basically, you send your your car out there to be your ride share that works for you and pay itself off, drop you off of work or go to work for it.

Radio Wasteland: So it kind of sounds like we have two options. You know, we could create a post-scarcity paradise where no one has to work or we’re all taken care of by robots or we could remorselessly grind the working class under our boot heals.

Myron Curtis: All the above. It may happen sooner than you think. And I think it already is.

Radio Wasteland: And I think Myron right there, I think you gave a very good answer in that as we’ll do all of the above.

Myron Curtis: You may actually have an alternate working somewhere in a company developing programs that you aren’t actually being aware of because the mind computer interface is actually using your brain for processing.