How Tim Woolworth Got Started in Paranormal Research

We interviewed Tim Woolworth, a noted paranormal researcher, speaker and author. We talk to Tim about his journey into the paranormal field of study.

Radio Wasteland became interested in Tims work by reading his article: Consciousness and the Paranormal Part I: A New Understanding

Radio Wasteland: Tim, how do you get started doing this? You know, everybody has their way, and I explain the thousand times the listeners are going to roll their eyes. I’m saying this again. I came from this level of loving fiction and I just loved fiction so much that it made me started. You know, and I was creative, you know, like to do stuff. And it just made me think like, could there be anything real here where a lot of other people are coming from experiences, you know, where are you coming from? How do you get started?

Tim Woolworth: The paranormal has kind of found me my entire life. It started when I was a kid. I grew up in central New York, on the shores of Lake Ontario. Ford, Ontario was two blocks from my house. I had the Revolutionary War of the War of 1812. The French and Indian War were all fought in my backyard. So I grew up in a very historical area of my house. So I grew up in was from the 1820s. Several generations had died in that particular house. So there a lot of activity there. More importantly, my mother is an Uber Christian. The Lord is everything to her. So what she would do is she would pick up books by the war ends and bury Taaffe and see all of these different books kind of backfired.

Radio Wasteland: Yeah. Yes.

Tim Woolworth: She wanted to learn all about the dark things in life where this little kid, you know, eleven, 12 years old, just sat there flipping through these books and being blown away. And it kind of I caught the bug at the house. We had Faith magazine is the bathroom reading material. So I’ve been enmeshed in this most of my life.

Radio Wasteland: You know, I came from a different Christian background. I was raised Catholic. But that definitely the that the darkness and the pageantry and the, you know, parallels to Satanism and my love of horror films. There was definitely a crossover there that that came from the religious aspect of my upbringing. That’s for sure.

Tim Woolworth: Oh, no doubt. And, you know, as a kid growing up in the 80s, the satanic panic was everywhere. So, yeah, you know, we had sat there looking at books on woodcuts of devils and witches and stuff like that. Yeah. Yeah. I just caught the bug in a very, very young age.

Radio Wasteland: I was a big D&D nerd during satanic panic. It’s like I always wondered why people were so scared of us because I’d look around the room and we were not scary.