Ghost Hunting Equipment: Which are Considered ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication)

We asked Tim Woolworth, paranormal researcher, speaker, and author which types of ghost hunting equipment are considered to be ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication).

The term Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) was coined by Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s to refer more generally to communication through any sort of electronic devices such as tape recorders, fax machines, television sets or computers between spirits or other discarnate entities and the living.
Source: Wiki

Radio Wasteland: So I think I’m getting a little confused on what types of equipment would be considered ITC and which ones would not. So why don’t you maybe list me a couple pieces of equipment that I would put in the ITC category?

Tim Woolworth: Oh, simple. So audio recorders are given I.D. He started with EVP. Going back to the 50s, that’s just been one of the benchmark standards. Photography goes back even further than the 50s where you can photograph something. You can actually see it. You have the evidence. You can send it to other people to review video. ITC is one of these great things that’s really underdeveloped in the states, but it’s practiced quite a lot over in Europe where you set up video ITC loops and get full faces and torsos forming in the snow basically on your television. There’s Steam ITC. There’s a group in France called IFRES which is doing amazing work with steam lights and sound waves and they’re getting full-bodied apparitions forming their scrying. Another example where he goes back centuries where you can sit down with a bowl of water, agitate it with a light and a camera, and you can get full the full voice, full faces forming in a bowl of water or real static liquid or anything else. These are all different forms of ITC that you can use. Whereas a little box that beeps is not because you don’t know. You can’t assign anything that’s communicating to you.

Radio Wasteland: I get it. I get it. So it’s just the margin for error is just way too large on something like that.

Tim Woolworth: Not only that, most investigators don’t know what their boxes are actually measuring. They don’t know whether it is static electricity or ions or anything else from the IMF spectrum. I mean, people are walking around with k2s and AC meter. AC is strictly manmade. It does not occur in nature, but yet people are using it on investigations. And if you walked up to any average investigator and asked them what the difference between AC DC is, they probably couldn’t even tell you a lot of these boxes out there.

I hate to say it, but they’re marketed for ghost hunters because they make sounds, they have lights and they beep. And when there’s a beep, there’s an anomaly. Therefore, it must be paranormal.