Radio Wasteland #14 Craig Owens, BizarreLA and Haunted by History

This Monday our guest is Craig Owens, Curator of the website and author of the upcoming book Haunted by History. Craig will be coming to us as a guest live from his current photo shoot on the famed Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

Craig Owens is a photographer living in Los Angeles with a passion for the paranormal and history. He has a unique way of studying the paranormal by researching the stories and tying them in together with the actual historical events of a location.

Los Angeles-based photographer Craig Owens first fell in love with history and the paranormal in 1972. At that time, he was as a seven-year-old boy playing on the grounds of a Southern plantation known as Waverley, located outside of West Point, Mississippi. While Waverley’s owners admitted to seeing and hearing the ghost of a young female child, Craig never encountered her. Yet the atmosphere and history of Waverley stayed with him long after his family moved to Texas.

In 1994, he moved to Los Angeles and began to work freelance in the film and television industry. His production credits include… Read More