Radio Wasteland #17 Killing Bigfoot w/ Jim Lansdale

Most of the topics we cover are controversial to start with but, Jim Lansdale and the cast of Killing Bigfoot have added an extra helping of controversy on top.

Join us as we ask why he has decided that the next step in Bigfoot research is to bring back a body.

Jim has been hunting Bigfoot for the last 20 years. He is one of the co-founders of The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO). His experience as a soldier in Vietnam has left him with a sense of discipline and authority.

At the GCBRO, he is head of investigations and has spent months on end in the backwoods of Louisiana and Texas. He first encountered Bigfoot at one of his son’s deer feeders and witnessed it take off on all fours. That was the moment he was called to the cause of hunting Bigfoot.

He says Bigfoot in the South move bipedally but when pressed, will take off and run on all fours at speed. 10 years ago, he says they wounded a monster, tracking it and then DNA sampling its blood- connecting it to the Great Ape family.

But a body is still needed for ultimate proof. He takes his son Jake out on investigations and they and the rest of the GCBRO team are united by one goal… to hunt and kill a Bigfoot for science.