Radio Wasteland #21 Animal Psychic Crystal Hope Reed

On the next episode we welcome animal psychic Crystal Hope Reed. She will help us to understand what our beloved pets animal brains are up to and also help me to understand what’s up with my dog Iggy.

This should be an interesting show. I like many of our listeners have an open mind towards psychics, but raise an eyebrow to the idea of a pet psychic.

But why do I? I probably shouldn’t and here’s why.

I do not believe that humans are “conscious” and animals are not. I believe that consciousness is an evolutionary step and that many animals have varying degrees of consciousness. So if I am open to a human communicating with a human consciousness, why not an animals?

Also, if that is the case then an animal would have a simpler brain and should be even easier to read.

I have had many an experience with my animals where I found us to be “in sync”.

I hope that this will be an eye opening show for me and it should be fun, because who doesn’t live their pets.