Radio Wasteland #44 The Astral Plane with RA Castaldo

On this episode we welcome guest Ra Castaldo to discuss the astral plane. Join us as we find out what we should and shouldn’t be doing out there, along with some updates on Sean’s attempts at stepping out into the beyond.

Ra Castaldo

Ra, is a hereditary Strega/Shaman, a songwriter, poet, mystic, dream seer, radio host, aura healer, oracle reader, coach and muay thai instructor. His goal is to help awaken the dormant particles spiraling inside our DNA.

Tune in each week to Spiral Radio on the Para x radio network Fridays 8pm est to hear Ra as he brings us down the mystical spiral of life.

Ra provides oracle readings,podcast episodes, loads of groundbreaking information he researches and pulls in from the astral, healing help, and so much more.

Radio Wasteland Episode #44