Alien Tech: The Bob White Artifact w/ Larry Cekander

The Museum of the Unexplained was formed in October of 2000 by Robert White and Larry Cekander as business partners to study the object recovered by Mr. White during a UFO encounter in Colorado.

Mr. Cekander is a published author on the subject of UFO and physical trace evidence and possible extraterrestrial visitation to this planet. He has written one book “YOU CAN ONLY GO AS FAR AS YOU PUSH” The Bob White Legacy, and updated Bob Whites original book UFO HARD EVIDENCE both being Published by Galde press. He is a contributor to Fate Magazine and has authored an article in Un-X News Magazine in 2012 summer quarterly. He has done many interviews concerning the Bob White Artifact and testing of the object recovered by Bob White in 1985.

Larry Cekander was Bob Whites partner in the original Museum of the Unexplained located in Reeds Spring Missouri. The Museum was opened to try and find the origins of the UFO Artifact recovered by Bob White in 1985 in the high desert of Colorado. Basic testing had been done prior to the opening of the Museum showing some interesting anomalies in the object not normal in aluminum alloy metals of that time. This lead to more intense testing which is ongoing today in Ct in a high-end lab who has joined the UFO HARD EVIDENCE TEAM in soil sample testing from the landing site area recovered by several people involved with the team. Scientists have stated on record the object recovered by Mr. White matches nothing known or produced on this planet now or in 1985 when it was recovered.

Mr. White requested a polygraph test to prove what he said was true concerning what he saw and what he recovered that summer night in Colorado. He took four tests and passed all of them with no hint of any deception. These tests were given by experts in their field and all are associated with police departments in Springfield Missouri and Grand Junction Colorado.

Since 1996 ongoing scientific testing has brought to light significant anomalies in the structure of the metal object. It has also shown significant differences in basic tests performed at various labs making one wonder what is being concealed from the public. Several scientists have gone on record stating the structure of the object matches nothing made on our planet and further testing needs to be done to determine the origin.