Mt. Shasta Lemurians & Telosians with Garth Sky Walker

Garth Sky WalkerGarth Sky Walker has been guiding friends and family on and around Mount Shasta since the year 2000. During that time he volunteered with the Mount Shasta Bio-Regional Ecology Center for twelve years, teaching and educating worldwide visitors to Mount Shasta.

He helped them to understand the sacredness and fragility of the mountain’s one-of-a-kind meadows, each with their own unique brand of silence.

Commercial guides aren’t allowed in Panther Meadows with clients, but you’re welcome to visit the meadows by yourself.

During that same time, he was a volunteer Assistant Camp Host at the Panther Meadows Campground for the U. S. Forest Service/Dept. of Agriculture.

There he taught people a reverence for this sacred mountain and about our global well-being as a species that’s here to serve and protect Mother Earth.

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