Medical Sanguinarian Vampires with Aldric & Cat

On this episode, we welcome Vampires Cat and Aldric. Join us as we discuss present-day vampires and the life of a Medical Sanguinarian.

Blood drinkers live among us! But don’t worry – they’re friendly! Join us Monday as we talk to two semi-anonymous members of the vampire community! Learn everything you ever wanted to know about life with human vampirism.

About Cat

Cheerful redheaded sanguinarian. She hails from the cold north of Canada and has taken blood from others her entire life, although she is new to the online vampire community. Doesn’t like the word “vampire,” as it “tends to attract fanatics and prevents a constructive study of what causes our wrenching need for blood.” Loves painting, violin, gardening, volunteering locally, exploring, and playing video games with friends.

About Aldric

The unofficial, unwelcome, and unrecognized vampire king of Indiana. A respected member of the online vampire community for 15 years. Beats the hunger with his hobbies – H.E.M.A, Leatherworking, guitar, and gaming.