Mike Damante returns to discuss his new book, Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers. Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers is a follow up to the original Punk rock and UFOs and covers the comparisons of the UFO and Punk Rock scenes.

“Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers” by author and journalist Mike Damante is the follow-up to the non-fiction release “Punk rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology meets Anarchy” (2016), which looked at cryptozoology and Ufology as an underdog science. “Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers” is a call to arms to the common populace and UFO community to come together to better understand the unexplained. The book features quotes from some of the biggest names in UFO research, academia and pop culture like David Hatcher Childress (“Ancient Aliens”), Erin Ryder (“Destination Truth”), Jeffery Kripal (“Mutants and Mystics”/ Professor of religious studies), Grant Cameron, Erica Lukes (“UFO Classified”) and others.

“Punk rock and UFOs: True Believers” tackles topics like the process of belief, religion, mythology, popular culture, disclosure, media, advances, science, the unexplained, the UFO phenomena becoming mainstream all in a thought-provoking package aimed at the common reader, as well as the UFO community.

“In a time where UFOs are slowly creeping more and more into the mainstream consciousness it is important that we as a society WANT to know the truth, and are actively seeking it, “ said Damante. “’True Believers’ is that wake-up call to the every-day person and looks to bridge the gap to the UFO research community. The book was written to simultaneously synergize both groups to a higher level of thinking.”

Find out more at Mike’s website: https://www.punkrockandufos.com/

Radio Wasteland #76
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