Mentoring Kids With Abilities w/ Christina George

Christina George

About Christina George

Christina George is a Practicing Psychic and Paranormal Investigator that Researches everything Paranormal including UFOs, Abductees, Star Children, Bigfoot, Chupacabras and Cryptozoology just to name a few.

Christina is the founder of P.P.R.S. ~ Psychic Paranormal Research Society and the host of Paranormal Connections Radio Show. Christina’s whole life has been full of Paranormal experiences and she has been able to see and communicate with spirits since she was very young. While she was very young the spirits were her friends, but as time went on things started to change. She started being tormented by spirits, haunted dolls, being attacked by dark spirits, and she even started having multiple UFO sightings.

With her abilities, she is able to go into clients homes and figure out who is there, what they want, and what to do to get rid of it if need be. But more importantly, she can give closure and validation to clients, as well as educate people that everything Paranormal is not bad or demonic.

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