Show Airs 10-15-2018
Paul Blake Smith

About Paul Blake Smith

Paul’s first book, “MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell,” was well-reviewed by readers and reviewers alike and shown on the The History Channel series, “Ancient Aliens,” in late August of 2016, in a featured segment on the Cape Girardeau ET saga. It was the very first published book on the amazing topic, which predated Roswell by six years. Paul has been interviewed for newspaper articles and on numerous radio and podcast talk shows regarding the content of his two “MO41” books, the original and the sequel, “3 Presidents, 2 Accidents.” Paul’s third book, “The Treasure Keys to Christ’s Return,” from 2017, was an exciting fictional Christian adventure novel that utilized actual Biblical and recent psychic prophecies, such as those relayed by Edgar Cayce. Then came the comedy novel “Sexy Alien Races.” The first professional review for it: “This is a wild and hilarious satire. A must read!”–Mid-Atlantic Book Reviewers. {All four books, as well as the new one, are still available from Argus Publishing.}

And now in November comes Paul’s latest startling nonfiction book, “JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot: The Explosive New Theory of Oswald in D.C.” Paul pieces together the previously untold story of the 1963 John F. Kennedy assassination, not seen in any previous book, website, or documentary program. Was Lee Harvey Oswald originally plotting to gun President John F. Kennedy down from a hotel near the White House when a public motorcade rolled past on October 1st, 1963?

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