BLOOD NOIR A Monthly Audio Drama w/ Mark Slade


BLOOD NOIR is a monthly audio drama created by Mark Slade. Fully produced episodes with Actors, Sound Effects and music to give the mind’s eye the look and feel of a film. Each episode deals with paranormal, crime and horror stories. Most content on this show is of a disturbing and adult nature, some of it over the top.

MARK SLADE has appeared in Weirdbook #32, Demonic Visions 1-6, Ghostlands, Diabolic Tales III, Switchblade magazine, Southern fried Autopsies, and other publications. He is the author of Blackout City Confidential, The Book of Weird, and A six-gun and the Queen of light published by Rogue Planet press/Horrified press. His novel (first in a series) Witch for Hire has been accepted by Close to the Bone publishers, is about Evelina Giles, a Witch that is often caught up in gruesome murder mysteries and supernatural crimes.

He also writes and produces the audio drama Blood Noir that airs on Para-X Radio every Saturday night at midnight. He created the weird western audio drama The Sundowners for 4077th productions and created the futuristic SF/Noir audio drama Blackout City with co-creator Frank Larnerd. In 2019, he hopes to get another series going called Daniel Dread, written and produced with co-creator Lothar Tuppan.
Mark lives in Williamsburg, VA with his wife and daughter.

Blood Noir on Para X Radio