Interview with Raymond Szymanski & Victoria Fitzpatrick

Interview with paranormal researcher and author, Raymond Szymanski & Victoria Fitzpatrick

Fifty Shades of Greys: Victoria’s Secret Truth 

Fifty Shades of Greys: Victoria's Secret Truth

Victoria Fitzpatrick was eight years old when she received her ‘alien scoop.’ Nearby, a US Government defense plant was covertly expelling a million pounds of nuclear waste into the surrounding environment. This unintentionally-formed, intergalactic nuclear beacon attracted visitors from outer space, who selectively abducted humans to harvest their biological cells.” Award winning author and former Department of Defense Senior Scientist, Raymond Szymanski, continues his quest for the truth about extraterrestrial visitation. Victoria’s Secret Truth, the second non-fiction book in the Fifty Shades of Greys trilogy, is an in-depth case study of what appears to be lifelong, multi-generational contact with nefarious, unidentified visitors. Raymond collects the compelling medical, clinical, physical, photographic, audio, and video evidence and subjects it to critical scrutiny before arriving at unavoidable conclusions. The fast-paced narrative in Victoria’s Secret Truth is beautifully enhanced by over 60 photographs which document the corroborative physical evidence and take the reader to the experiencers’ sites. Included in this in-depth study are compelling and revealing transcripts and video captures documenting Victoria’s four hypnotic regressions by three world class hypnotherapists – Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Barbara Lamb, and Yvonne Smith. Victoria’s Secret Truth is a must read for those interested in exploring the extraterrestrial abduction phenomena; the who, what, when, where, and why they abduct; types of alien abduction evidence; the alien hybridization program; hypnotic regression therapy for abductees; hypnotically enhanced memories; and abductee/experiencer/contactee support resources.

RAYMOND SZYMANSKI – A four-decade U.S. Government senior scientist turned paranormal researcher and author, Raymond Szymanski takes you inside the Top Secret Holy Grail of Ufology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, to look at alien visitation possibilities that have never been previously explored. His interest in Extraterrestrials and their connection to Wright-Patt was ignited during his first week of government employment by a mentor who eventually earned promotion to the exclusive ranks of the Senior Executive Service. This intriguing back-story and many revelatory adventures are presented as Raymond investigates his way through the UFO/ET phenomena, transforming from a curious, skeptical researcher to a firm believer in the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.Relying on decades of professional experience, Raymond does his own research, investigating available ‘facts’ and theories all the way to ground – trusting yet verifying. The result is an exclusive, first-person adventure story described in a fast read narrative, illustrated by never-before-published photographs.



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