Incident at Devils Den | Terry Lovelace

“Instead of a wilderness adventure, we experienced an encounter with something unknown and unimaginable.”

“Sometimes a bad dream isn’t just a bad dream. Sometimes it’s you’re worst nightmare.”

“Every word of it is true. For fear of losing my job and damage to my reputation in the legal community, I kept a secret.”

UFO encounters are often something experiencers would rather not talk about. Not only is there fear of ridicule there are also the memories involved that sometimes are not pleasant to recall. And who will be able to help the experiencer understand?

Terry Lovelace set out to enjoy the outdoors with a friend when he had an amazing, frightening, and life-changing UFO experience in 1977, he had no intention of going public until he could no longer avoid speaking out. Among many reasons for him speaking out was a cyst that was proven to contain some sort of anomaly.

We enjoyed our interview with Terry and could have kept talking to him for hours if we could have.

The device from the Incident at Devils Den
Enlarged View | The device from the Incident at Devils Den