KCNR Local Radio in Shasta County

KCNR – Where Radiowasteland got its start

Kara and I were doing a local business show in Redding, California when we first met Carl Bott. The business show went away, but in a conversation with Carl, I said I loved paranormal radio and would one day like to do one. He offered for me to do it at KCNR, so I did. Initially, I didn’t really know Kara, so the lineup was different. It was me, Joe, and Chris. Kara showed up to the very first one anyway and never left and it turns out that she was the only one that stayed too!

We have had lots of great times recording in the studio at KCNR. Before the pandemic, all our shows were live in the studio.

And last and certainly not least, KCNR is still the station that Radio Wasteland airs on first on Monday nights at 6 pm Pacific.