Radio Wasteland #46 Punk Rock & UFOs with Mike Damante

We discuss the parallels between the punk rock scene and the UFO investigation scene with guest Mike Damante.

Punk Rock and UFOs started as a book based around the idea of rebelling against our conventional beliefs, challenging our own inner thought process by examining our cognition, memories, and media literacy. This website aims to do the same by posting thought-provoking stories, posts, interviews and reviews about the world of cryptozoology and multi-media.

“Punk rock and UFOs: Cryptozoology meets Anarchy” challenges our own inner process of belief by examining our cognition, memories, and media literacy. Raise your fist and rebel against the conventions of traditional thought and nightly news coverage to expand your mind to accept the countless possibilities that are out there. Personal experiences, anecdotes and thought-provoking theories are all put together in an unconventional punk-rock presentation to bring in any true believer or casual observer.

Find out more at Mike’s website: