Punk Rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction: Mike Damante

On this episode of Radio Wasteland, we welcome Punk Rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction Author Mike Damante. We are fans of Mike’s work, he makes the unusual and out of this world easy to understand and ups the cool factor 10-fold. 

Mythological gods. Dragons. Magicians. Inter-dimensional beings. UFOs. Goblins. Secret government programs. Psychic abilities. These can’t be real? Or can they? Punk rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction aims to normalize the paranormal through current pop culture, mythology, fiction, and its connection to unexplained phenomena. The book features insights and exclusive interviews from around academia, journalism, television and film, pop culture, science, and UFO studies like Tom DeLonge, Leslie Kean, Kevin Day, Sean Cahill, Jeffrey Kripal, Peter Levenda, David Marquez (DC Comics), Rick Strassman, Diana Pasulka, and others.’