South African Satanic Church Co- Founder Adri Norton

On this episode of Radio Wasteland, we welcome South African Satanic Church Co- Founder Adri Norton.

We learned a lot, enjoyed our discussion with Adri!

Check out their website for more info: South African Satanic Church

Message from T/Dr. Adri Norton : Co-Founder

Dear Seeker

For so long I have felt the need for another option to be available for the Self seekers of our world.

We are inundated with options in this world when it comes to belief systems and spiritual paths but the calling of my heart has only found one place in which it can rest.

After many years of searching, I have come to see that the very principles I have always lead my life with, in fact does have a name, and that name is, Satanism.

Yes, I was shocked to find that what I have always felt to be true is in fact the very thing I have feared for so long. After gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to me, to be a Satanist, I have felt it is also necessary for the information to be available to others who like me, are on the path towards Self actualisation. Who would have thought that all I have been fearing all this time was me.

It is only once you look inside yourself that you find the light of your true being and in this light is where all the answers lie. Within all of us is the need to express ourselves. Within each of us is the need to be ourselves and within each of us lies the ability to achieve ourselves. For me this is what being a Satanist is. Being yourself fully, expressing yourself fully and finding peace and fulfilment within the deepest parts of yourself.

With the start of our church, I hope that this can be the space I so deeply needed in my search for myself.

It is in the creation of this next step of Satanism in South Africa that I hope to fulfil the need for information and assist in shedding light on everything that already is so very Satanic in our human nature.

The time is now for us to be liberated from outdated systems. It is time to shed old beliefs that are serving no one but the ones dishing out the restrictions on your being. The time has come for you to be your authentic self and to know that, that is good.

In no way are we seeking or have the need for you to convert to join our church. We are not looking for another movement with mindless sheep we need to heard. We are interested in sharing information with those whom are seeking and shining the light on liberation, personal autonomy, and the leadership of Self.

Hail Yourself!

Hail Satan!

T/Dr Adri Norton

Feb 2020

Statement from the Church:

We do NOT worship the “Devil”, but simply revere Satan as an Archetype for our true nature.

We do NOT practice, nor condone animal, and/or human sacrifice.

We are NOT a bunch of “haters” banding together to curse people.

We are NOT evil magicians invoking spirits to make money.

We are NOT anti-God, anti-Allah or anti-Buddha.

We are NOT perfect and we don’t have all the answers.

We provide a safe platform, where like minded individuals can meet, and enjoy fellowship with other Satanists and Seekers.