Are There Square Craters Forming on the Moon?

In this episode of Radio Wasteland, UFO researcher Greg Bishop talks about the possibility of square craters on the moon, base on his discussion with other experts about unexplained square structures located near the north pole of the moon. These anomalies are not seen elsewhere on the moon.

Radio Wasteland: Are there square car craters on the moon?

Square Craters on the MoonGreg Bishop: I’m not sure. You know what that was, was uh, one of the co-editors of Excluded Middle, which is what the magazine that was published in was called and can actually, it’s in the, there’s an anthology called wake up down there, w which has I think the full article in it. A friend of mine, the co-editor was at a party, there was a NASA scientist there and the NASA scientist found out that he was into weird stuff. He just says, do you know that they’re square craters on the moon? And my friend said, ha, what? He’s like, yeah, I was looking at satellite imagery from the North pole of the moon. And there’s, there’s things there that, you know, they’re there, they look like depressions, but they also look like they’re, they have right angles on them. Like there’s big holes with walls or something. He says I don’t know, I’m just going to call them square craters cause I don’t want to say, you know, really exactly what, what they could be, you know, just to be, um, uh, nonspecific and not have to put it in the category until we find out what it is.

Greg Bishop: But what he found and what I publish, and I don’t know if you can even see these in anymore or they might’ve been taken off NASA website or I don’t know, but somewhere right near the North star or North pole of the moon, there’s three or four, um, square structure looking things. Now these might be natural, who knows, but I think he’s, the guy said he didn’t see them anywhere else on the moon, just near the North pole. And I think there’s three of them. And he did, he did something with the angles to show that they were 90 degrees are very close to 90 degrees and one of them was perfectly square. One of them was like, you know, three quarters of the square. And the other one was, but, um, did I put the, did I put an illustration in the book or did I not?

Are There Square Craters Forming on the MoonGreg Bishop: Okay. Cause um, probably if you Google and it’s going to be somewhere because the image has got out, I mean they may still be on the NASA website. You know, if you can look at all images of the moon mapping images of the moon from, um, from there, from the wound mapping missions. I don’t know. But yeah, he was looking at imagery from the 1960s, uh, when they sent, um, uh, satellites, I’m sorry, they sent probes out to the moon to take pictures of it to Scouts, uh, landing sites for Apollo. So who knows what’s going on there. They look, they look quite square to me and I don’t know what the origin of them is. They, you know, you know, the, the most crazy thing you could say was, you know, an Arthur C. Clark 2001 scenario where they were left there for people to find later. You know,

Radio Wasteland: you’re obviously a UFO researcher down here, but you know, is there any other connection, any other send to make those connections?

Greg Bishop: Uh, not that I know of except for, you know, many astronauts saying they’ve seen stuff while they’re in space and I wouldn’t disbelieve them. I don’t know what that stuff is. Um, I don’t even know if it’s artificial. It might be, but, uh, according to some of the astronauts, I’ll actually, a lot of them they saw things are around orbiting the earth and on the way to the moon and maybe even on the moon. But I, I think that’s really, I’m guessing I’ve never heard anything really specific about that, but you have to have been transmissions where you can actually hear them saying, what the hell is that? You know, kind of thing. And then they’ve talked about in a few of them possibly, I don’t know exactly why Edgar Mitchell started than a Noetic sciences Institute. I don’t know if it’s because he saw something was he was in space.

Greg Bishop: It’s probably he did. Um, I don’t, I don’t remember the exact facts behind that, but a lot of them were affected by, you know, but what they saw when they were on, on, on space flight, that was as far as artifacts on the moon and, and structures and all that. The only thing I’ve ever heard of has been those square craters. And um, who knows what those are. There’s, there’s things on earth that look, looked very artificial, but they are natural. So, and maybe what’s called pareidolia, which is where you’re trying to make something out of, you know, your mind is trying to make something out of something that’s natural or, or, or not even, not random, but apparently looks artificial and you think it’s artificial, but it’s not. So I don’t know. I mean I, I don’t speculate too hard on stuff unless it’s really, really, really a lot of evidence that convinces me, I think there’s UFO losing. I think people see them and I think they really are things that people see. And I think there’s an intelligence that’s not us that communicates with us. Occasionally I’ll pass that. I don’t know what to speculate about.

Radio Wasteland: Yeah, I think it’s weird how they seem so quick to dismiss it as being natural. Uh, when they don’t know. It’s like weird that, that we have these photos, we look from a distance and we are so confident at what we’re seeing.

Greg Bishop: Well, you know, I’ve, my method I think is just leave my mind open and my opinion open for as long as possible until there’s just so much evidence that something is explained or mundane or whatever. And there’s a lot of stuff in my mind that is, has not been decided yet. And one of it is a square graders. I don’t know what they are. Nobody’s ever taken a really clear picture or close up one that I’ve seen. And certainly as far as we know, nobody’s actually gone there in person to look. Um, so who knows. I, I, my mind is open on that right now. I think there’s, you know, I’ve seen the imagery. I don’t think it was fake and it’s curious, just like a lot of the stuff on Mars is curious. I don’t know if it’s conclusive about anything, but it looks, it looks a lot of it looks quite artificial, so I don’t know what to make out of it.

Greg Bishop: Like the face on Mars, either that’s a natural formation, which I’m kind of sort of leaning towards or it’s something that’s hard to facial that’s just so weathered that, you know, you just can’t tell anymore. But there’s other things, you know, like those five-sided things and stuff that really doesn’t look natural, that who knows, maybe they are, you know, four or 5 billion year old civilization that’s gone that was, you know, wiped out by whatever climate change or wards or whatever. I don’t know. I will speculate. I don’t know for sure. Like I said, I have a very large gray basketball, extremely huge green asking the scale.

Radio Wasteland: Well, that’s probably the best way to look at it. You know, I definitely come at this stuff like a, like a healthy skin skeptic. You know, I, I didn’t come into any of this stuff from my own experiences. I came into it as a, a fan of the fiction, which led me to the questions. I could there be something else there. So I’m definitely coming from a skeptical angle. I like collecting the stories and as the stories build up in my head for more and more people, it makes me think all the more like, Oh, maybe we should give it a closer look.

Greg Bishop: [inaudible] yeah, and you should, and people should look at the stuff themselves. They should talk to people and, you know, keep, keep the question open for as long as possible. And don’t, you know, for or against, I mean, there’s people that, I think the people that are absolutely convinced of whatever square craters are at official are just to median justice. Um, making as big a mistake as the people that say there’s nothing to it.