ITC and Paranormal Research with Tim Woolworth

We interview Tim Woolworth, a noted paranormal researcher, speaker and author. We talk to Tim about his journey into the paranormal field as well as how he goes about his research and the tools he uses. We became interested in Tims work by reading his article: Consciousness and the Paranormal Part I: A New Understanding

This is his first article in a series of paranormal-based articles. Tim articles as he explains is an “attempt to elucidate the role of consciousness in paranormal research”. In this particular article, Tim explains how he came to understand that consciousness affects all facets of paranormal research thru the use of the ghost box (ITC).

Current work model:
Instrumental Transcommunication, or ITC, is the use of independent, third-party instruments that record and provide a mechanism for the review of communication from discarnate consciousness, or ghosts, of an unknown origin.