Nibiru System Update 2020: Samuel Hofman

Nibiru expert and researcher Samuel Hofman gives us a brief background of the Nibiru Solar System as well as an update in 2020 and what to expect going forward.

Radio Wasteland: You’ve noted that there’s been quite a few changes in the passing planets. You know what? What changes are we seeing there?

Samuel Hofman: Well, when the second sun got here in late 2011 and we had CMH blowbacks in 2012, that was our son blowing Matear stellar material back to the larger other sun in an electrical connection. Now, when that all happened, all of the planet’s axis is tipped drastically. Now, of course, NASA is not telling you this, but it was a brief. They briefly announced the goal of the axis in such and such as TTIP, but all of the planets do that. And that’s because that larger magnet now, a lot of people were noticing a rogue early in two thousand eleven, 2010, that the sun was coming up in the northeast sky. And it was really weird and the timetables were off. And why are the birds singing at 1 o’clock, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning while I’d be birds have a different point of view and they and they are seeing the light of that second sun even before us humans did. And I’m amazed to this day that everybody doesn’t notice how weird the sun looks currently right now. And I have to do is just go out in the middle of the afternoon. I’m almost three o’clock and look up at the sun.

And it is totally not right. But that is because there’s planets in the way. We’re looking at the dark side of these planets because they’re within the Goldilocks zone between us and the sun. Now, all the planets are tipped. All the planets are heating up because this second sun now at art, different tipped axis is including Earth. And you look at the jet stream right now in the northern hemisphere and then you look at the jet stream in the southern hemisphere, which used to go opposite directions, are now going one direction. And that happened majorly as of about the turn of this year. And this is if you look over Africa, the jet stream is flowing backward. And if you look over Australia, the Arctic jet stream is flowing backward. And at one point in time, about two weeks ago, it Arctic jet stream ran from our Antarctica all the way up over the Mexican and the Mexican Rockies and all the way over our east coast, which is what caused that huge major storm that went off in Europe last week and the week before.


Selling extremities in our weather because our planet is majorly tipped and our winter access point at the axis is tipped. And therefore Australia’s having the heatwaves and the fires because their winter angle of light is almost a direct dead on from the two major suns. Or if you want to cope orbiting there and they’re frying because they’re getting direct sunlight that they don’t normally because we’re closest to our sun during winter, it has to do with the orbital oval that we move on and how our access axis is in comparison to the summer axis versus the winter axis. If you follow me.

Radio Wasteland: Shouldn’t we or can we maybe be able to track the orbits of these other planets and know exactly where they’re going to be at any given move?

Samuel Hofman: Well, I do a monthly drawing on my site and they don’t. And we’ve learned over the last 10 years that they don’t change that often. Now what they’ve done is they’ve come down. We first started getting sightings from Antarctica at Neumayer Station was the best one of the life camps. And of course, they’ve limited some of that access now, too. We originally watched it every day on Montana Sky Watchers, one on their live cams. And we had, you know, debate parties and we first started seeing them coming up from there. And then once they broke the horizon line in North America, we started using live cams in Mexico and Australia and etc. and started using other life camps for shots.