About Samuel Hofman

Several years ago Samuel Hofman’s NDA with the government ended. It was at this point that he was free to tell us his story. A story of an academic paper being picked up by the government that lead to his working with the government for decades to not only discover more planets in a binary twin to our earth, but also discoveries on the nature of how our planets work together.

What Chauncey has to say about Samuel Hofman

When the show was first starting out we had a friend (not an expert) on to have a fun conversation about Nibiru. I decided that I was going to go around to a few Facebook groups and get the word out. One of those groups was Montana Sky Watcher 2.

When I said that I was going to have a radio show about Nibiru, several said that they would listen. After the show I got tons of messages from the people in the group telling me that we didn’t know the real story, as nicely as possible, told us we didn’t know what the heck we were talking about. So I asked, who should I have on? and they said Samuel Hofman,

When he came on our minds were blown that there was such a flushed out new belief of the nature of Nibiru that we were unfamiliar with.

We were also hit with the realization that the Paranormal and Conspiracy Radio Listening audience expected more. They didn’t expect us to rehash old topics and basic ideas. They were invested and expected to walk away with new information and a new perspective.

I credit that show with a great change in direction for Radio Wasteland. That episode was our 13th. We have had Samuel Hofman on several times since and at the point of my writing this are on our 115th. I hope to have him on many more times.