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Unraveling of Madison Cawthorn?

Madison Cawthorne, a Republican congressman from North Carolina, was caught trying to bring a loaded gun through airport security, for the second time. His colleagues are not happy with him, and his opponents are questioning whether or not he should be allowed to continue serving in Congress.

UK Church Hauntings: Creepiness

Ghost hunters searching for evidence of the paranormal at Kirk o’ Shotts Church in North Lanarkshire, UK. The church is said to be haunted by a mysterious figure called the grey lady.

What Does the Supreme Court Leaked Opinion Mean?

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A leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggests the court could be ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving the legal status of abortion up in the air, also leaving many with fear and uncertainty, a few generations have existed their whole lives without change in the abortion regulations.

Banter about Politics & Society

A significant minority of Americans think it is acceptable to be a Nazi or white supremacist, and this number is likely higher than what is reported due to misunderstanding the question or lying about their views. This is a significant problem, as there are millions of Nazis and white supremacists in the United States.

Nazi’s in 2022? (we want your opinion!)

There are a lot more Nazis in America than we realize, and they’re not all dumb or crazy. Many of them are smart and well-educated, but they’re hiding their views because they know that most Americans are anti-Nazi.

Half of Americans’ IQ scores Shrank Due to Lead Exposure

A new study suggests that half of Americans alive today may have had their IQ lowered due to lead exposure. The study looks at anyone born before the 1996 ban on leaded gasoline. Those born prior may have had their IQ lowered by three points on average. Exposed people may also suffer from faster aging… Continue reading Half of Americans’ IQ scores Shrank Due to Lead Exposure