Nazis on Radio Wasteland

Nazi’s in 2022? (we want your opinion!)

There are a lot more Nazis in America than we realize, and they’re not all dumb or crazy. Many of them are smart and well-educated, but they’re hiding their views because they know that most Americans are anti-Nazi.

Nazis in Antarctica – The History of… in about 10 Min

In this video, we discuss the history of Nazi exploration into the antarctic. The video starts out with what we do know, that the germans sent an expedition to the antarctic in the mid-1930s on a ship called the Schwabenland. After that we expand into the possible escape of Adolf Hitler from Nazi Germany, the… Continue reading Nazis in Antarctica – The History of… in about 10 Min

The Nazis were a far-right political party in Germany during the 1920s, led by Adolf Hitler. The party advocated Pan-Germanism—the unification of all Germans under German rule—and antisemitism, racism and eugenics. In 1933, it was renamed as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) when Hitler formally became head of state and announced that he would establish an authoritarian regime based on racist politics and social Darwinism rather than democracy.

The Nazi Party grew rapidly; from 25 000 members in 1925 to about 100 000 in 1929; then 360 000 in 1932 (when they won 18.3 percent of the vote) to about 2.8 million in 1934 (when they won 17 percent of the vote). In the July 1932 elections the Nazis won 230 seats in the Reichstag. When they failed to gain power in January 1933 by legal means they used force and intimidation to get power. They were helped by the fact that many people believed that the Nazis would bring order to Germany and solve the economic problems.

The Nazis quickly took control of the German government in January 1933. In March they passed a law making them the only political party. Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.