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A significant minority of Americans think it is acceptable to be a Nazi or white supremacist, and this number is likely higher than what is reported due to misunderstanding the question or lying about their views. This is a significant problem, as there are millions of Nazis and white supremacists in the United States.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Said She Didn’t Know Nick Fuentes (Groypers)

Marjorie Taylor Green, a far-right lawmaker, appeared as a guest speaker at a white nationalist conference where, among other things, the organizer praised Adolf Hitler to cheers from the crowd and led a chant of Vladimir Putin’s name. This of course prompted condemnation from other Republican leaders and from the Republican Jewish Coalition. Green initially… Continue reading Marjorie Taylor Greene Said She Didn’t Know Nick Fuentes (Groypers)

The Politics of Coronavirus

The left and the right disagree on the dangers of Covid-19(Coronavirus), the leader of the Italian Democratic Party contracts the illness, and the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gets an infection scare.

News From the Wasteland March 18th 2019

Former Blink-182 Guitarist and living vessel of all manner of paranormal beliefs Tom Delonge¬†will be hosting a History Channel series aimed at building a ‘indisputable” case for the existence of UFOs. The series, entitled “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO investigation” will include DeLonge’s interview with military intelligence official Luis Elizando, who confirmed the existence of the… Continue reading News From the Wasteland March 18th 2019