The Norway Spiral The Texas Cube and More: Samuel Hofman

What created the big blue spiral in the sky over Norway Dec. 9, 2009? Samuel Hofman, Nibiru expert from Montana Sky Watchers, shares his opinion of the mysterious event that hundreds of people witnessed. The Norwegian Space Center in Oslo suggests that it was a Russian missile test that spiraled out of control.

We also ask Samuel his opinion of the Texas Cube. Residents in Texas in June of 2015 saw an mysterious cube-shaped UFO hovering in the sky and many also captured using cameras and cell phones.

Radio Wasteland: You said that this thing came out of what you referred to as the Norway spiral, and you’ve sort of alluded to it as being a wormhole or something like that. So the Norway spiral was an event. It’s not something that’s continuously there, is that correct?

Radio Wasteland: Yeah, I’ve actually seen video of it. It’s pretty striking, and hundreds of people saw it. I think-

Radio Wasteland: It’s also really… Oh, I’m sorry, go ahead.

Radio Wasteland: I think the Norwegian Government or something claim that it was a missile test that went out of control and sort of spiraled off. I don’t know. I guess they had to say it was something, right? But it is-

Samuel Hofman: Just go to YouTube and type it in. There’s many, many different copies. The trick is to find an unedited one.

Radio Wasteland: Yeah, it’s quite famous.

Samuel Hofman: And there’s a lot of them have been chopped up and I’m sure out there someplace is the original, because the original shows the darn thing actually come out of the hole, and you can see it change in the lighting and space and everything else. The copy I currently have ends right before it comes through. I’ve been searching and searching and trying to find an old one, and maybe if I have somebody in Russia or Hungary. I have a friend named Peti in Hungary. I’ll ask him to look in his area, maybe he’ll get a better copy of it. We have to do that sometimes. We have to re-import videos back to our area of the United States or Canada and everything else. They have worse internet than we have. They’re blocked in so many ways you wouldn’t believe, but that’s Government censoring, and we have tons of it. But-

Radio Wasteland: So you say the Empire Orb… You said that there was another sphere, that the Empire Orb is not the only one?

Samuel Hofman: No, there’s multiple smaller little spheres we’ve had captures of, even close to the Empire Orb itself, which is why we know that it’s more than one. Then there’s the Texas Cube which arrived over Texas and over the Texas Collider, believe it or not, which would also back up the wormhole theory in the seventh marker. I mean otherwise why are they arriving directly over the top of these things. Then there’s smaller cubes. There’s the Long Box Cube. Now currently we’ve had, for the last two-three weeks, sightings of the Texas Cube between the lead asteroid and that’s another of the OCGs (object cluster group).

Samuel Hofman: The Texas Cube has been hiding behind the lead asteroid and in between Atu’s moon on the left-hand side of the sun. Now it does cross over the top of the sun in the early parts of the day, or it’s changing so it’s hard to call the time. But anyway, it’s on the left-hand side of the sun, and for the last week and a half, two weeks, the Long Box Cube, which is very much like the Texas Cube, but it has more holes in it and more structural incompletion shall we say, and it’s twice the size of the Texas Cube. They each have a side orb that is usually cited exactly in the same spot, time after time after time. That has something to do with the ionization in the clouds and their cloaking abilities because they cloak themselves using this module that creates an ion drag off tail through space. They come in, it’s cold and then it hits our warm atmosphere, and then all of a sudden it puts off this steam mist trail that blocks the view.

Samuel Hofman: They also use the sun to block the view. Our best captures are when we’re getting side views of square clouds and then you can see a three-dimensional shape, and then there sits the side orb. It’s like, oh yep, absolutely. You can’t argue with it anymore. Then the leadoff clouds make little pathways that they drag through the clouds. The Montana Sky-Watcher, 10,000 member plus group, most of these people know what I’m talking about but you literally have to see this to believe it. And keep looking up because on the left-hand side is the Texas Cube and side orb and lead asteroid. It’s just like we can’t argue with it anymore, so of course, it’s become a topic of discussion.