Oriskany Battlefield: Paranormal Research with Ghost Hunters Extraordinaire

Ronald Andrus from the Paranormal research group, Ghost Hunters Extraordinaire will be discussing the Oriskany Battlefield Haunted History. The Battle of Oriskany, fought in 1777 during the American Revolution was one of the bloodiest engagements of the war, this brings us to wonder how haunted it may be?

Radio Wasteland: Okay, so I might not be very good at pronouncing some of this, the Battle of Oriskany haunted history.

Ronald Andrus: We have gone during the day, we’ve never gone there at night they are part of a historical society, so they really don’t they don’t allow any overnight, you know, investigations there. I mean, basically during the daytime, just walk around on it, wander, you know, check it out. And there’s usually not very many people up there. We actually used a spirit box up there heard the voice or we heard the name come through as General Nicholas Herkimer, he was one of the generals that got shot up in that area.

Radio Wasteland: So is it true that nighttime is the right time to make these connections?

Ronald Andrus: Sometimes it’s during the daytime. It depends because I’ve had a couple of investigations during the daytime and at residential investigations. A lot of the stuff happens during the daytime. It doesn’t really matter day or night. The nighttime just it seems like it’s a lot easier because people ain’t going around, you know, doing their daily thing. There’s not much traffic. It’s quieter. So it’s easier to concentrate.

Radio Wasteland: Right. You get less involvement tonight. I would assume that if we’re dealing with ghosts, you know, we’re dealing with some sort of level of psychic something. And, you know, when it comes to a lot of people being around that my static or something like that to the equation.

Ronald Andrus: Well, also, when you’re like doing EVP recordings and stuff during the daytime, if there’s like I mean if there’s somebody that’s like 20 feet away or a hundred feet away and they’re talking.