What Effects will Nibiru Have on Earth in the future

Samuel Hofman Nibiru expert informs us about what is to come for earth in 2020 and beyond in regards to the Nibiru System. What you should be watching for, what we are already experiencing including weather events, natural disasters and more. Knowledge is power and Sam wants us to know the facts!

Radio Wasteland: What’s next for the next few years?

Samuel Hofman: Well, we’re going to see our weather’s going to get worse. We look at the past for a reference toward the future and we’re going to see more tectonic plate displacement. This is how very large areas of land go standing straight up in the mountain ranges. We’re going to see a lot more volcanoes. We’re going to see a lot more bad weather. We’re going to see a lot more bad storms. Look at all the high winds. Look what’s happening to the east coast today and tomorrow from Texas all the way through, and this has to do with those jet stream changes and the tipping axis and the … we’re at boil off because of the intensity of the sun. Our atmosphere is full of much more moisture. When the planets cross, they’d drag the atmosphere and then drop it back down on us.

When the object cluster groups close past earth, they do the same thing and it’s like putting a spoon through the soup. It stirs it up even worse. So we’re going to see a lot more flooding. We’re going to see a lot of coastal tidal flooding. We’re going to see sloshing of the oceans if we keep rocking back and forth on some of these close passes. We may even see such a close pass where an entire tectonic plate area just suddenly ripped and pulled across hundreds of miles of terrain within seconds or minutes. I don’t know fully. Or it could be a slow gradual process, which it has been doing as well.

There’s reports that the continent of Africa is largely moving. We’ve seen evidence of the Mediterranean Ocean becoming larger. We’ve seen that the Saudi Arabia area has got a brand new huge crack that is forming as Africa is moving in some ways to the south and in some ways to the southwest and that’s where the escarpment and the lower southern parts of between Madagascar and Africa is also increasing on that crack.

So we’re seeing change and we’re seeing drastic change. And if you look, they’ve got a major locust population going on in Africa right now, and that’s because the jet stream is going backwards, and they’ve never seen this amount of rain in millennium. And this is where these dormant eggs that are all underground and getting water for the first time, and they’re having millions of locusts grow up because they’re hatching and coming out of dormancy.