Will Transhumanism Lead to Techno Classism?

Ryan D. Gable (author, radio host, and researcher) joins us to talk about Transhumanism and the possibility or the inevitability of it of creating a Techno Classism.

Transhumanist theory states that the only way for the human race to evolve and move forward is by transforming the human condition so much that they can no longer be classified as humans by current standards. Is this bound to lead to a new form of classism, techno classism?

Radio Wasteland: One thing that I kind of fear for the future of capitalism on the whole, you know, of not that I’m not, but I’m opposed. I’m not touting any political beliefs here, but it is classism, you know. And so it seems to me like, you know, we’re living in a day and age where, you know, classism is going on on some level with capitalism because you get a nicer phone, you have some nicer cars and stuff like that, you know?

Radio Wasteland: Have you put any thought into the classism of the future? Let’s say I become. Something but the next something is going to be better than I am. Yeah. That makes sense.

Ryan D Gable: Yeah, it makes sense. It definitely makes sense in terms of looking at it from, you know, using that word capitalism. I don’t necessarily have a political stance, although I’m much more in favor of capitalism than socialism.

Radio Wasteland: But me too. Me too.

Ryan D Gable: But, you know, I think that that is a really dangerous thing. And that’s a really great point because we’re talking about. A future where you don’t just buy, you know, a new house, whether you earn that money legitimately or you earn that money, you know, through theft or however you got there. You don’t just buy a new house in a nice car and there’s there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ryan D Gable: You buy a new you.You become literally physically, intellectually more superior to others because of your access to these technological things along with genetic. You could call them enhancements. But for some people that are going to have access to this and have the money for it, it would be genetic enhancements, meaning that it’s making you quote unquote, better. So in that case, yes, you would have. I mean, they’re talking about designer babies where you can choose your child’s eye color and hair color and whether they’re going to be tall and what sports and music they’re going to be good at. That to me, is a very, very. Unhuman to me, that’s anti-human and that’s anti nature and I’m not a religious or spiritual person per say, I’m just going to use the word in context with this conversation. It’s anti-God, it’s anti-everything. As far as I’m concerned, that is real and substantial and organic and good. It takes control of nature and subjects nature to the laws not of God and of the universe, if you will. It’s objects nature to the law, into the rule of man and to whatever it is winds are.