Author Ryan D. Gable: His Journey Into Radio, Philosophy and Technology

We asked our guest Ryan Gable the question: “What got you interested in radio, philosophy, and technology?”

Ryan is the author of The Technological Elixir: Invoking Artificial Intelligence & Understanding the Arcana of Mysticism

The Technological Elixir takes the reader on a journey through philosophy and technology in an effort to attain that coveted medicine of the alchemists by the way of objectivity and reason. As the subtitle “Invoking Artificial Intelligence & Understanding the Arcanum of Mysticism” suggests, you will be taken through a world of balance in addressing the moral maturity of mankind in creating technologies such as AI or those that may indefinitely sustain life.

Radio Wasteland: The question that we didn’t start with that maybe we should have is, you know, what got you here, you know, what got you interested in this?

Ryan D Gable: Yeah, that’s a question that I’ve, I’ve tried to figure out how to answer for the years. I, uh, I went to film school and I had no intention of getting into radio. Uh, some people think since I went to film school, that’s how I got into it, like through broadcasting school. But it wasn’t, I actually just, I, I was friends with a few people and at the time I was really interested in astronomy, a little astrology and physics and some stuff like that. And I started just, I was interested in learning, so I just started buying books at the bookstore and I would come to school and I was interested in talking about what I was learning. So I would talk to people. Someone just asked me one day about my interests and I became friends with them and they said, you know, I know this guy you really need to be introduced to.

Ryan D Gable: So they took me in, they introduced me to him, and he knew a lot of the things that I knew and just specialized area of interests. And so we, um, we ended up in a documentary class and we decided to do a documentary on, uh, social engineering, uh, the federal reserve. And, uh, September 11th. So we did those three topics and we did ’em at a radio station where this guy had a show. A long story short, I went in there, we did this show, we did the documentary, and he invited me to cohost, um, fast forward again, kind of towards the end. And he, he actually passed away. So I took over the show and once I took over the show, I had to really find, I’m thinking like two hours a week on Sunday, how am I going to do this by myself? So I really had to start reading and learning. And I guess over the last 10 years, it’s led me, uh, in the last five to six to doing this professionally. And, uh, everything else is just history.

Radio Wasteland: Yeah, that’s wild. So there was no, you know, uh, no, no fire that led you to the, the, uh, transhumanism, you know, uh, you know, what, what pushed you in that direction?

Ryan D Gable: No one’s ever asked me that before. And I think the major reason that I became interested in that was because I was always aware of, even when I was in high school, I remember seeing a news report on television one time about cell phones and about how if you want your cell phone to be, uh, more secure when you’re not using it, take the battery out of it. I remember that in school. And then I remember we had to do like a current event one time in English class as a little writing assignment. And I remember I picked that and this was in like 11th grade. And uh, I picked that and the teacher actually wrote me up on it and said, that’s not true. Your phone doesn’t send to you. I don’t know where you heard that or made that up from. And I, I guess that just always stuck with me and I just thought, no, I saw that. I remember seeing that. I read about it, I looked it up and I wrote this, and you’re telling me I’m wrong. So that kind of lit the fire initially for me, I just got tired of being told I was wrong for that with those kinds of things. When I had read about them, when I had, you know, some piece of article of evidence about it, and people still said, no, you’re wrong.