Will We Travel Between Our Dimension and the Ghost Dimension?

Will science ever allow us to move between the ghost dimension and our own? We ask Tim Woolworth, paranormal speaker and researcher, this question. Tim has a unique outlook on this topic due to his experience has an ITC specialist.

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) refers to methods that use audio or video equipment to obtain recordings that some believe demonstrate communication from deceased persons, ghosts, or other entities.

Radio Wasteland: How spiritual do you think this is or do you think that scientifically we’re going to get to a point someday where we can hop back and forth or where we can interact on a level like that?

Tim Woolworth: I’m hoping so. I’m also thinking that one of these days when we crack the secrets to the Einstein Rosen Bridge will be able to traverse the universe in mere seconds and interact with other galactic beings that are out there. I’m hoping that ITC will continue to develop and we’ll be able to get better representations of what is communicating with us through our devices. And we have academics working on it right now. For example, Dr. Gary Schwartz and the University of Arizona, Arizona State. I can’t remember. But he is working on something. He’s been developing something called the Soul Phone for over ten years now. And it may just be a leaf in the wind. We don’t know because it’s been a decade, he’s sunk, I think. Eleven million dollars was the last figure into it. And he’s promising that communication from the other side is happening right now. And based off the technology that he’s developing, at some point we’re gonna have keyboards where they’re gonna be able to type from the other side messages to us. There’s going to be video where they can actually be seen as they communicate with us. And one of the most outlandish claims that I recently read in his latest newsletter was that he envisions within the next coming decades, webinars from communicators on the other side, scientists and researchers and all the stuff that have passed on where they’re able to communicate from the other side to us living through like webinars. This is what is being envisioned for the future. Right now, we are still in the infancy of ITC research. I can’t I’m not going to be around in 100 years to see where it’s going to be. But I think that we’re gonna be able to communicate with the other side much closer to real-time, face to face communication than we can even imagine today.

Radio Wasteland: Well, you might be on the other side communicating. So you’ll be around?

Tim Woolworth: Well, I hope so. One of the cool things about ITC that’s been recorded are people like Friedrich J├╝rgenson and other people who’ve passed on there. We’re actually getting communications from them. On the other side, they’re saying that they’re building equipment on the other side to function with our equipment over here and that they’re building the bridge through this form of communication. Who knows what’s going on. I’ve received a couple of messages from Konstantin Raudive in my life. I’ve received one from Friedrich J├╝rgenson. But about building the equipment that comes from Mark Macie, who is an integral early ITC researcher who basically wrote the rules for a lot of what we’re doing today.

Radio Wasteland: Yeah, that building from the other side concept. I read this book, some random book. I grabbed off a shelf of a bookstore. I was working and ended up being a Hugo Award winner. But I just grabbed it randomly. It was called The Dreaming Earth. And it was about overpopulated earth and the future where these people start taking this drug. It’s a street drug. And around the 20th, the 30th time, people take it. People can’t find them anymore. They’re just gone. And the premise of the book ends up being that due to overpopulation, the government has put in this drug. And when the people are high on it, they start to see a color they don’t think exists. But what they’re really doing with this drug is traveling to another dimension where there is no population and they’re slowly sending the people who are adventurous enough to if they’re willing to try the drug, they’re willing to go to the dimension,you know, it was sort of this interesting concept.