Is There Any Physical Evidence of Mothman? w Lon Strickler

Is there any physical evidence that the Mothman actually exists? We asked our guest Lon Strickler author of Mothman Dynasty: Chicago’s Winged Humanoids to give us his opinion based on his years of paranormal research and more than 78 reports of a “Mothman” in the Chicago area.

Radio Wasteland: Is there any physical evidence that we know of Mothman Sightings?

Lon Strickler: Now, It’s all anecdotal. We’ve had some indiscernible photographs. Because the fleeting nature of this thing shows up at night, it’s hard to get a photograph. But no, you know, it’s just we just do not have anything but anecdotal evidence.

And it varies, too. I mean, you know, it’s not like you’re a cookie-cutter explanation or description, even though most of the sayings are very similar. There tends to be some variations. Basically though, people who reported stick with what they tell me and you know, I go back and forth talking to them and they just do not change their story.