What does the Bishopville Lizard Man Look Like

What does the mysterious Lizard Man of Bishopville, South Carolina (Scape Ore Swamp) look like? Do all the reports describe the creature the same? Author and researcher Lyle Blackburn joins us to answer our burning questions about Lizard Man.

Bishopville Lizard Man Initial Drawing in the Newspaper

Radio Wasteland: What did these people say this thing looks like? Obviously a lizard on some level, but, you know, we’re right the same.

Lyle Blackburn: Yeah, but I mean, the descriptions vary somewhat. But in general, it’s described as being humanoid anthropomorphic. That means it stands on two legs like a human. It’s approximately six or seven feet tall. It’s brownish or green and it looks to be covered in scales. It’s got literally three long fingers with long nails. And, you know, it can run quickly and move through the swamps area. They’re near South Carolina. And you know that there was heavily covered by newspapers back in 1988 when this was all going on. And some of the drawings, of course, in the newspapers are really goofy. But if you look at what the witnesses described, it’s a lot more chilling. And even some of them said they thought it had hair or could even resemble a Sasquatch in some way. So there was, you know, people get quick glances of this and it’s something unexpected. So like any eyewitnesses, they’re grasping what they can see in that time period and describing that.

Radio Wasteland: Yeah, I could see hair covered in dried mud breaking apart to appear as skin, so I can see that.