This episode features the long awaited return of Nibiru expert Samuel Hofman. Is Nibiru coming or is it already here? Hofman help up to understand the Nibiru Solar System and it potential impact our existence.

About Samuel Hofman

Samuel Hofman

Learn more about Nibiru and its effect on our current lives. Can we see it in the sky? Does it pose a threat? Find out answers to these questions and more. We were happy to have our guest Samuel Hofman on the show!

Nibiru and it’s accompanying planets in our own binary solar system

Samuel Hofman is a Nibiru expert and researcher. His story started decades ago when he wrote a paper defining that there wasn’t enough mass in the solar system. The paper was submitted to the scientific community and the next thing he knew the government was at his door.

“Samuel Hofman brings a level of sobering clarity to the topic of Nibiru, the Anunnaki and our own binary solar system.”

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