Are There Other Entities Besides Ghosts Out There? Tim Woolworth

Other than the traditional spirit of a dead person, what else could be out there? We ask our guest Tim Woolworth paranormal expert and ITC specialist, this question. We view the “other-side” through so many lenses, lets get a paranormal experts opinion!

Radio Wasteland: What do you think is out there? You know it. It’s hard for us to even envision this. You know, it’s like we view this world of Beetlejuice and people waiting in line and and and stuff like that. My big thing is, are there entities out there that were never alive, you know? You know, what do you think is out there?

Tim Woolworth: That’s a great question. There is out there. Even at there. I don’t know. Yeah. Exactly.

Radio Wasteland: So open-ended. It really is.

Tim Woolworth: I am convinced that we are surrounded by a world of transdimensional beings, whether they be alien, whether they be corrupted, where they are able to pull back the scenery for a quick second and pop into our world and pop back out. I’m convinced that we’re surrounded by ghosts everywhere. We’re souls of former living people. I’m convinced that we have entities that have never walked this earth that are around us as well.

I just we are so limited as in is a physical machine into what we can see and what we can hear in our spectrums that we have no idea what’s out there. And we’d been the only glimpses that we get of what’s out there is through ITC sometimes some video and trance mediumship. That’s about it.

Radio Wasteland: Yeah. It’s like, you know, putting together in your head flatland and, you know, Michio Kaku saying that there is probably eleven dimensions. You know, it leads you to believe that that there are things feeding off of us in the same way that we’re feeding off of the life around us. The plants, you know, they don’t know we’re eating them.

Tim Woolworth: The theory of archons is absolutely fascinating. The fact that we that we are basically colonists here that are feeding archons greater beings. Some call them aliens. And all the strife and all the emotionality that we’ve put on this particular planet that we exude is their food source.

It’s fascinating when some of the literature that’s out there.