The Empire Orb: Samuel Hofman Interview

Recent videos of the Empire Orb are really quite amazing. It’s kind of like an actual Death Star. Radio Wasteland hosts ask Nibiru expert Samuel Hofman what is the Empire Orb? and should we be worried?

Radio Wasteland: A lot of the time I see things that I’m just, okay maybe, okay maybe. I’m looking, I’m trying, I’m getting there. But this recent video of the Empire Orb and a few of the other ones, are really quite amazing. It’s kind of like an actual Death Star. In fact, one of the photos you sent in actually had it juxtaposed next to the Death Star, and it really looked remarkably like it. What do we think this thing is?

Samuel Hofman: Well, this goes back through some history here. It goes back all the way to 2009 when we first started up Montana Sky Watchers. And back then there was hardly any of this, other than the UFO sites and all of that. And then most of that stuff didn’t exist. And then, I was always searching the feed for new and cool stuff, and then we stumbled on to the Norway spiral the day it happened. And then we sat there, and there was only 20 or 30 members at that time. And we sat there and all, we had a watch party and we all sat there and watched this video over and over again of the spiral, which you can’t really … There are a few copies out there somewhere. But if you go back and you watch the Norway spiral, you see this object that actually ends up through some of the central crazed illuminations and this beam that comes off the ground, and all of this stuff. And this is over Germany or Norway.

Samuel Hofman: And at the time there was a whole G7 summit meeting where Obama and everybody were all there on the day that this all happened. So we watched this object come through, and it literally looked like the Death Star, with a little bit of minor color variation, and it looked more gravelly like there was dirt accumulation on the outside of it. Well then, being that we’ve watched it and we debunked it and we argued about it literally for about a week. And then we put it on the side, and I didn’t discuss a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories, because back at that time we had to have far more proof before we ever brought topic up on the site, because we wanted to stick to a scientific approach, rather than a gossip version. So anyway, a long about after Montana Sky Watchers started going, and we first started seeing some of the evidence of the planets and everything else, I was outside in my yard again, and I see this orb drop out of the clouds.

Samuel Hofman: And there’s these cold clouds are vaping around, off of it as it breaks free out of the clouds, and then it stops in place. And so I knew automatically, it wasn’t like an asteroid or a meteor, or anything, because how does it drop out of the clouds and stop? And then it changed direction. And then it turned around, and I saw that open board, the small facial hole, which is almost like an eyelid with a little dot in the middle. And all of a sudden that blue light turned on. And I just stood there and froze. And I went, “Wow.” And had I not actually seen this thing with my own eyes, and I sat there for a good five, six, seven minutes, and then eventually, the light went off, and it cruised over to the side for a while into the next bank of clouds and was gone. And I went, “Holy crap.” And I couldn’t believe what I had seen. And having seen that light turn on. If the darn thing would have been on by itself at my first viewing, I don’t think I would’ve even reacted as strongly as I did.

Samuel Hofman: But having watched that thing stop, change directions, turn around, and then that light come on and directly beam my direction. So anyway, following that, we started seeing sightings of the darn thing. People in Germany and Europe and the United States started getting pictures of this thing. And you know how the internet people like to, it’s the all-seeing eye, and they started all talking about this and stuff like that. So we went back and we had a major discussion about the Norway spiral again. And there are some information that we could discuss about the region that the Norway spiral occurred over, which is where we could say intent, the Collider over there. I’m trying to think of [crosstalk 00:04:11]. Yeah. The Hadron Collider is in that area. And then years later we saw a cube come through a wormhole as well over Texas, which we refer to as the Texas Cube. But that’s another topic.

Samuel Hofman: But anyway, so we started getting sightings of this over and over and over again. Time after time in the clouds, here it was over here, and here was over there. And then all of a sudden, along about 2011, 2012 there was this black dot in about 75% of the pictures that were coming in from Europe, and this and that and the other thing. And then we started getting some closeup pictures and some side shots. And lo and behold, there sits what we now refer to as the Empire Orb, central dot and all. Not the big hole asteroid, because there’s one of those out there too. There’s a big hole in the middle of it. This thing had the eye, and it was parked next to the sun, repeated shot after repeated shot, for literally about four or five years. And then it transitioned over to, in front of some of the other planets that were coming in, and started causing like an ion cloud disbursal.

Samuel Hofman: Or you could refer to it as space camps because it was blocking some of the views of some of the planetary bodies, as they were beginning more notable and at angles [inaudible 00:05:25] light which they were perceivable in a better frame. And so over the years with Montana Sky Watchers, we’ve been doing this for 10 years now. We have so many thousands of sightings that we refer to it now as the Empire Orb. And then we’d had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of still captures, but we’d never seen it on actual footage.

Samuel Hofman: And then, of course, I sent you a copy of it this week that came in from Igor. I don’t remember what his last name is, and I apologize. He deserves great credit for his capture. Anyway, we’ve pinned a Montana Sky Watcher Two to right now. And it’s an absolute credible sighting of the exact same thing I saw. So now, if we want to discuss the Hadron Collider, I truly believe, and some other people who may have a level of physics knowledge, and the knowledge of the movie Stargate. I do believe that the Hadron Collider has sent a proton link to another galaxy so that they could achieve a seventh marker.

Radio Wasteland: What’s a seventh marker?

Samuel Hofman: For the Stargate, they needed the seventh marker.

Radio Wasteland: Right, right. Yeah.

Samuel Hofman: [crosstalk 00:06:31] four points of location. And [crosstalk 00:06:33.

Radio Wasteland: Locking Chevron seven.

Samuel Hofman: Right, locking Chevron seven. And what they did with the Hadron Collider, is they speed a proton faster than the speed of light, and then they sent it someplace else. And it crashes into something, and then it slows down, and comes back into a containment area, which they have yet to contain. But anyway. And they keep having problems with the Hadron Collider, because it sparks and they turn the darn thing on and it shorts out, and it’s happened a couple of times. The last time they blamed [crosstalk 00:07:06] chewing on electrical if you recall. And I believe that has to do with the particles actually getting there before they turn the machine on, being that they’re sending them faster than the speed of light, I believe they’re sending them ahead in time.

Samuel Hofman: And if they’re listening they can maybe fix their thing with this. But anyway. I believe that the Empire Orb is an intergalactic ship, that has come from like … This is a random reference, it’s not an actual, like the Gamma Quadrant or the Delta Quadrant in another way. And they arrived here prior to the planetary arrivals, and all the other ships and bodies and factions that we are siting, absolutely siting above earth every day now, for literally almost the last nine or 10 months, somewhere around there, where all of a sudden they’re not hiding anymore. And we’re getting regular captures of them up close again. They did it also in 2015 for a few brief periods, when [inaudible 00:08:04] moon and everything was right. It was coming into view and was completely noticeable over the horizon.

Samuel Hofman: And it was this perfect round cloud. And with this big purple backdrop behind it, and everybody’s going, “Wow, it’s that.” And if you didn’t know, you’d just think it was a weird purple patch in the sky with a [inaudible 00:08:20] white dot. But anyway, we watched this over the years and it’s become a documented event that is so time-proven, we can no longer argue with it.

Radio Wasteland: So how big of a ship are we thinking this is?

Samuel Hofman: Well, we have seen it parked next to the Texas Cube in some shots, and it is about half the size of the Texas Cube. And this thing is massive. It is … Of course, it’s impossible to get out your tape measure from here up in the sky.

Radio Wasteland: Of course, of course.

Samuel Hofman: I believe it is literally the size of what the Death Star was in Star Wars.

Radio Wasteland: So a small moon?

Samuel Hofman: Small moon. Yeah. And we’ve seen that the Texas Cube is twice its size. And this summer we saw sightings of 40 or 50 parked galactic battle cruisers, just like the movie Star Wars. And I’m not kidding you, we’ve got sightings and pictures. And I saw it by eye outside in the Northwest sky this summer, or last summer. And I was like, “Oh my God.” And I don’t discuss information that we haven’t proven. I’m not trying to come up with a bunch of conspiracy theories, guesses or anything like this. This is after numerous, numerous, numerous sightings, do I openly discuss this. Otherwise … I’m sure people out there are going to laugh anyway, and they’re allowed to because I’ve dealt with 40 years of this stuff. But there’s far more going on and it’s so cool. And I’m so excited this week that we get that actual live footage, that absolutely matched everything I saw.