The Future of Transhumanism and Religion: Ryan D. Gable

Transhumanism is a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase. We asked Ryan D Gable his opinion of the future of religion combined with transhumanism.

Radio Wasteland: What do we think the future of religion is going to look like in that situation? Of course, we’re going to have extremists that want nothing to do with it, but we’re also going to have people adapt to it.

Ryan D Gable: Yeah, well there’s already a, an a, I think it’s in Japan. There’s a Buddhist robot preacher. It’s a robot that acts as a preacher. Um, there, there are, um, there’s actually, uh, a religion of artificial intelligence, which was founded by a former, a Silicon Valley guy. Uh, it’s an, it’s literally like a church of AI where they worship AI as a God. Um, and I don’t know how many people take it to that extreme, but there are some, I mean, I know just random people that I’ve met in my life that I’ve made as acquaintances and um, I talked to them about this kind of thing just in passing in a conversation. And they’re, and some of them are very, very dead serious. Like they want that. Like they think that artificial intelligence is, is not only a good thing but that it’s like it’s godlike and they’re not.

Ryan D Gable: They’re not necessarily like out of their minds. They’re just like, no, this is a great thing cause I think people see it as the next step in human evolution or the next step in human progress. Not to use a Darwinian term necessarily and that’s where I stop. I don’t see it necessarily as the next step in human progress. I see it as a forced interjection in human progress being controlled by companies and individuals who have ulterior motives and agendas in a way that the inevitable I think outcome is, is literally full spectrum dominance, complete control of everything through machines and computers and that process is going to be carried out by convincing us in a colloquial way, in a friendly way that this is all for convenience. It’s all beneficial. Just like with the voice assistance spending billions of dollars tech companies, defense department, just so that we can ask, Hey Siri, what movies are on tonight and what time did they start? They’re not spending that kind of money to make our life easier. 5g isn’t going up so that we can download a movie faster. That’s just what it’s being sold on. There’s obviously, obviously some other motivation, ulterior motive, and if that’s what they’re selling it to us on, I imagine that the ulterior motive is not that great.