What is Black Goo?: Interview with Ryan D. Gable

Is there a black goo substance that is able to reprogram matter and if so what is it? Our guest Ryan D. Gable explains his opinion.

Radio Wasteland: Now when you say that you’re not sure if the goo is a real thing or if it’s a metaphor, um, you know, how do you know that it even is that it is a thing?

Ryan D Gable: Well, the thing is I see, and we see this in a, I could name movies and videos and things like this all night, but I mean from lady Gaga and in pop music, in the music industry to something, you know, as, as iconic as venom. In the, in the, in the Spiderman universe, venom is essentially black goo, um, to a kid shows where black goo often represents pollution. Uh, and in that case, it’s more metaphoric. Um, in other cases it’s like a substance that moves like venom. It has a consciousness. Uh, the reason that I can’t really pinpoint is because I’ve talked to a scientist in Germany who’s kind of known as the black goo guy.

Ryan D Gable: Uh, he, he claims to have actually seen black goo in person. And some people have talked about how there are deposits of this stuff in South America, uh, that there are these big, like black oil, black goo deposits. So some people think it’s more like oil, like the earth. It’s just regular oil. Uh, and other people think maybe it’s, um, it’s some kind of artificial substance from somewhere else. Uh, extraterrestrial in the sense that it’s not from here. I just leave the door open for anything because I, I don’t like to be too definitive to try to prove a point because then I think I can, I can lose out on other perspectives if I do that. So in my writing, I try to just leave information for the reader to decipher for themselves.